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Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Pain Relief is more than possible, its right around the corner. The MIPainRelief team has helped thousands of patients overcome pain, and get back on their feet. Check out what they have to say about Minimally Invasive Pain Relief.

  • Abby

    MISI has changed my life for the better! After dealing with chronic pain for more than 15 years – stemming from multiple maladies – I found Minimally Invasive. While I do have several herniated discs in my spine, none are severe enough for surgery, and I’m glad they explained this one to me. Other doctors had made statements that, “you’ll just have to wait until they get bad enough to have surgery.” Not the answer I really wanted…

    At MISI, Drs. Rimlawi and Gonzales and their staff are so phenomenal! From the beginning, he listened carefully to my complaints and learned some of my pain was derived from various areas. He assured me that we could alleviate not only my back pain, but perhaps some other areas of concern, such as headaches and joint aches.

    After 3.5 years, I am so pleased that Dr. Gonzales is my pain management partner! He is willing to work with my specialist physicians whenever a consult is necessary, and has been instrumental in helping me understand and learn how to manage my pain levels. Thanks God for MISI and its incredibly compassionate team of doctors and staff!

  • Jack H.

    Dr. Hegazi explained everything and was very informative on my first visit.  I had injections the next day and had great relief.  Would recommend him to anyone.

  • Wayne Ackal

    My doctor is a very knowledgeable doctor and they know how to treat muscles and nerves. I have had over 40% reduction in pain since starting her treatment. The staff is very friendly and informative about issues. I would highly recommend them!

  • Lori Chivers

    My experience was positive from beginning to end today! The staff was so nice and made me feel at home. I saw Dr. Koning today and he took the time to understand my pain issues and I felt like he really cared! I am looking forward to moving forward with MISI and getting the help I need. Most doctors these days do not take the time to really understand what is going on with their patients, it is so frustrating! MISI changed my mind about that attitude…. I would recommend them to anyone in the DFW area who needs help! They are setting the bar higher, we all have a choice in health care and MISI is my choice!